450 kg up to a height of 150 cm

For Pickups. Vans. Trailers. Motorhomes.

Unique loading system

The Power Tilt feature of our ramps lets you use a standard cordless drill to load even the heaviest of bikes, with a ramp weighing only 65 kg and designed with a safety margin of 5:1 in static load. The 6061 T6 aluminium alloy is one of the most corrosion resistant hardened aluminium alloys, and yet it is anodized as well, which further enhances its corrosion resistance. All steel components are zinc plated, and then powder coated.


The Slide-out feature allows you to easily slide the motorcycle out to facilitate inspection / maintenance. The cordless drill used to operate the wormdrive is only needed to lower the ramp to the ground, or to raise it to the horizontal position.


A range of accessories to expand the usability of our ramp system. 3 or 4-wheel scooter adapters, extensions for longer bikes or to increase the loading height, no-drilling attachment, sliding loading platform and more.

3-wheel scooter adapter

25 cm extension

75 cm extension

No-drilling attachment

Movable attachment bars

To facilitate drilling (to avoid cables, fuel tank etc.), each attachment bar can be easily unscrewed and can then slide along the rail.

Tech specs

Technical drawings




Max load

Max loading height

AUN 1000

Identical dimensions to AUN 2000 except in length.

2100 mm

630 mm

approx. 65 kg

450 kg

700 mm*

AUN 2000

2500 mm

630 mm

approx. 75 kg

450 kg

900 mm**

Price (incl. VAT)

1990 €

2120 €

* With the 75 cm extension attached to the AUN 1000 ramp, the max loading height increases to 1100 mm.

** With the 75 cm extension attached to the AUN 2000 ramp, the max loading height increases to 1500 mm.

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