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To order a ramp, you can contact us by telephone, or use the Contact page. A quotation will be sent to your email adress. To accept the quote, click on the link in the email and you will be redirected to our customer portal. Once the the quote is accepted, you will receive another email with a retainer invoice for 50% of the amount. Payment must be made by bank transfer, our banking details can be found on the quotation and on the retainer invoice. The remainder is due on delivery. If you cannot visit us in Candillargues, France, to pick up the ramp - please give us your exact adress in order to give you a quotation including transportation costs. For most of Europe, the transportation costs are around 150-250 euros including VAT. The ramps are sent via truck on a palette.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 2 year warranty, provided the max load weight and max loading height are respected.

Technical questions

Which ramp do you recommend to install in a Pickup?

Both models can be installed in a Pickup, even a double-cab one. The difference between the 2.1 m and the 2.5 m: - With the 2.5 m there will always be a fixed part which will extend past the tailgate. If your Pickup is not double-cab + the open tailgate, this ramp will extend by probably only 10-20 cm. With the 2.1m ramp you will have to attach the 75 cm extension because of the loading height of most Pickups which is approx. 90 cm. There are two advantages and one possible inconvience with this solution: The first advantage is that if you have a shorter cargo area you can detach the extension once the bike is loaded. It takes about 1:30min to detach it since the bolts it uses are the same size as the socket used on the cordless drill necessary to operate the wormdrive. So you can use the cordless drill to also detach the extension. The second advantage is that there will be less of an angle for loading because with the extension the whole ramp is now 2. 85 m. This will put less strain on the cordless drill. The small disadvantage is that you will need to find a place in your Pickup to stow the extension once removed from the ramp. Please inform yourself on the legislation in your particular country regarding how far a load can extend at the back of a vehicle.

Which ramp do you recommend to install in a Van?

Most medium size European vans have a cargo area which is about 2.5 m in length. This doesn't leave enough margin for the 2.5 m ramp, because you also need to take into account the length of the rear fender of the bike in order to be able to close the doors of the van. Most likely, if your cargo area is about 2.5m in length or shorter, you will need our 2.1 m ramp together with the 25 cm extension. This will allow the bike to slide a bit further into the van and allow the doors to close. We also supply with the ramp two zinc coated steel plates with two pre-drilled holes. These should be used on the bottom side of the cargo area to reinforce the bolts used to attach the ramp. This is because the metal plating in the cargo area of vans is usually very thin and may begin to bend after a few times of loading/unloading the bike.

I have a side loading trailer. Is it possible to install your ramp on it?

Yes this is certainly possible - the 2.1 m ramp will be best suited for this type of installation in order to minimize the width of the trailer. Most side loading trailers are already about 220 cm in width so our ramp fits nicely. Even if your motorcycle is longer than 2.1 m it is still possible to load it using our shorter ramp. What's important is that the back wheel rests firmly on the ramp. You can look at the technical drawing for the ramp to get an idea of the maximum wheel base - for this ramp it's about 1600 mm which covers the vast majority of motorcycles and scooters.

What's the appropriate way to attach the straps while loading and transporting my bike?

We recommend ratchet straps with "S hooks" which use a retention clip in order to prevent the hook to detach during transport. To strap the front wheel to the chock, we recommend medium sized ratchet straps. It is not necessary to attach them very tightly, but ensure that the motorcycle is more or less straight. It is important that these straps are attached on the fork, above the front suspension. Do not attach the straps to the wheel or the hub as this can cause damage. This is because as the motorcycle is loaded, the angle changes and this increases the tension in the straps. The front suspension will be able to compress a bit, to compensate for the increase in tension. After the motorcycle is loaded it is very important to use more sturdy ratchet straps on each side of the motorcycle which are attached to the tie-downs of your Pickup/Van/Trailer. The best way is to attach one strap towards the front on one side, and towards the back on the other side. DO NOT TRANSPORT THE MOTORCYCLE ONLY USING THE SMALLER STRAPS USED FOR THE FRONT WHEEL CHOCK. ALWAYS STRAP IT TO THE TIE-DOWNS OF YOUR VEHICLE.

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