Our ramp - Your trailer

Our ramps can be installed on almost any trailer - even side loading trailers. It's installed with only 4-8 standard bolts. There's no need to buy a special motorcycle trailer, often very expensive, just to transport your motorcycle. When you don't need the ramp, just unscrew the bolts and remove the ramp - this takes about 5-10 minutes.

If you wish to use our ramp on a side loading trailer, we recommend the 2.1 m length. Even if your motorcycle is a bit longer than 2.1 m, what's important is that the rear wheel can fit on the ramp. The maximum wheel base for the 2.1 m ramp is about 1600 mm, which is sufficient for the vast majority of scooters and motorcycles.

For technical details and pricing, please see the front page.

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